From Saint Rose to Moody’s

Sometimes our homepage stories are worth sharing with our blog audience. In this case, we are happy to share former Saint Rose blogger Yelfri De Leon’s success!

Yelfri De Leon '14 majored in business with a concentration in finance.

Yelfri De Leon ’14 majored in business with a concentration in finance.

Business major lands “dream job” two months after graduation.

When Yelfri De Leon ‘14 decided to attend college in upstate New York, he never imagined that four years later he would be returning to New York City to work at Seven World Trade Center. Just two months after graduation, he has done just that: landed his “dream job” at Moody’s Corporation in New York City. De Leon’s journey is no accident; his hard work and determination have driven him to success.

“He is very well organized, very self-motivated,” said Dr. Dandan Wu, assistant professor of finance at the Huether School of Business. Wu speaks of the activities De Leon was involved with as a student, his multiple internships, and his semester abroad studying in London. “He excelled and was in the top five percent of my classes.”

Born in the Dominican Republic, De Leon moved to Panama City when he was four years old. At 13, he moved with his family to the United States, where he lived in New York City until attending The College of Saint Rose. At first unsure about attending a small, private college in Albany, De Leon visited campus and, in his words, “I saw how friendly the people were, the faculty members. I was like, ‘Wow, this is the place for me.’”

Originally an undeclared major, De Leon quickly decided that business with a concentration in finance was the path for him. He became very involved in campus life: Student Association, Student Events Board, Spectrum, The Chronicle photographer, and ALANA is Leadership are just a few of the activities De Leon participated in.

De Leon credits his activities and academic experiences for getting his dream job so quickly. While the Huether School of Business requires one internship, De Leon completed two — the first at the New York State Office of the State Comptroller as an auditor, the second as a credit analyst at the New York Business Development Corporation, where he accepted his first position post-graduation in May.

Now, two months and two weeks after his Class of 2014 commencement, De Leon has started work as a Financial Data Analyst at Moody’s. He describes the position as a “dream” due to its entry-level opportunity, location in New York City, diverse company culture, and because of international business relations. In his role, De Leon will be speaking Spanish, his first language, on a daily basis. With time, Moody’s will likely send De Leon on to become a Certified Financial Analyst, further completing his career aspirations.

For now, De Leon is thrilled for his present opportunity. “Who would’ve thought that I’d be working at the World Trade Center? Not in my wildest dreams.”

So Close To Saying Goodbye!

With only two days left here at Legal Services Corporation I am filled with an array of emotions. Mostly, excitement for my future since I have two job offers awaiting me in Albany, NY and secondly, motivation to continue to do more in the public service realm. I have just been introduced to my family (that’s how all the employees here make you feel) here at LSC a presentation that shared details about my internship experience. For your enjoyment I have decided to share this with all of you. Although I have been quite behind on my blogs; I will catch you all up and will continue to blog about my experience leaving LSC and returning to Albany. I hope you all will still continue to read on and I appreciate your generous support. [Below is my power point video and speech]


I cannot begin to thank everyone for their kindness, help and generous support shown to me during my time here at Legal Services Corporation. Some of you may not know but I am Jacquelyn Richards, and I have had the privilege, this summer, to intern in the Executive Office. I have so many stories that I could share with you all, about the wide range of experiences that have spanned my twenty-three years. But there is only one story that is worth sharing today, and I believe it speaks to the impact of Legal Services and the role that people like you play, to promote equal access to justice in our nation and to provide high quality civil legal assistance to low-income persons.

I have seen firsthand how poverty affects families. I come from a single-parent household with four siblings, two who have special needs. Despite this, I committed myself to excel in school and to be the first in my family to graduate and go to college. In order to achieve this goal, it did not come without its challenges. Living in an impoverished urban area I got my first taste to the justice system when I was attacked by a gang in high school. Like many families across the United States, my family and I found it difficult to access justice. Not only criminally, but civilly when suing the school for negligence and against their zero tolerance policy, which resulted in my expulsion from the school. Throughout all this darkness, I arrived at a new private school the following year and there was light! I met a representative there from The College of Saint Rose, where I recently graduated (the first of my family!) with my Bachelors in History & Political Science. Saint Rose led me here, to Jim, and LSC. Against all odds, I rose happily and inspired; I then began my quest to secure justice for marginalized communities.

LSC– little did you all know, you not only provide civil legal services to low-income Americans, you actually took one in as one of your own and provided her with more resources that she can and will continue to share with an abundance of personal connections, families, and communities. Interning for LSC was a chance to step outside the world in which I grew up, where I was comfortable and successful. LSC has also given me the confidence in myself, I lacked for so long. I will use this new-found courage to (1) tell you all how grateful I am for this opportunity and (2) to continue OUR fight for equal justice.

I am returning to Albany, NY with two job offers; one with the NYS Senate, the other an intellectual property law firm. I will also be working on completing my law school applications. I intend to pursue a dual-degree program to obtain my JD and Masters in Public Administration with additional schooling in Mandarin Chinese. My long term goals are to become a city planner and work with cities much like my home city, and do the very thing that all of you are doing— support communities by providing equal access to justice in our nation and to provide high quality civil legal assistance to low-income persons. Your generosity and commitment is exactly the kind of work people like me need to expand the opportunities available, and to enhance the lives of the next generation.

Thank you.

After the Interns Presentation’s [From left to right: Justin, Sydnee, Jim Sandman (President), me, Joe, and Nupur

Orientation 2014

Last summer was one of the best times of my life all due to the fact that I was an orientation leader. Being an orientation leader is an amazing experience that allowed me to show new Saint Rose students what sets our college apart from all the rest.

Myself, OL Carly, and OL Allyssa

Myself, OL Carly, and OL Allyssa having fun in the photo booth

After orientation last year I decided to “re-enlist” for orientation 2014 and promptly applied once applications were made available in January. Thankfully, I was one of 14 students chosen for this year’s orientation and eagerly stepped up to the plate. Nothing is more exciting than being handed a list of names on day one, none of whom you know, and getting close to a group of students over the next 30 hours. Yes, sometimes making the group open up to you is challenging but that is also part of the fun. After those 30 hours you see them become part of the Saint Rose community and see them begin to picture themselves on campus in fall.

Aside from working with the students my month in the orientation house was filled with adventures to swimming pools, trampoline parks, and even to my home state of MA one night to shop at the outlets.

The past two years have given me a chance to rediscover why I fell in love with Saint Rose through my student’s eyes because only three years ago I was in their same position. Now that I am a senior watching them get excited about the upcoming year brings back the memories of my own move in day and about making my first college friends. At a time when my time on campus is coming to end I can not help but get caught up in the class of 2018′s dreams for the next chapter of their lives.